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Jacob Neufeld

"The team at MC3 is like a family. There are many team members who have been working at MC3 for a long time, so they are a valuable source of advice and input. They have many years experience within the industry, which allows MC3 to continually improve products."

Jacob Neufeld

Design Manager

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Jacob has been working at MC3 as a Design Manager since 2019. He brings a wide range of skills to his role with his background in welding, fabrication, machining, processing, design and management.

Jacob enjoys collaborating with MC3 customers and his design team to come up with ideas and new ways to get the best product to meet customer needs.


Jacob enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. He loves travelling to BC and Alberta to hike in the mountains with family and friends. Jacob is also passionate about investing and learning new strategies.


As a kid, Jacob tinkered with toys, taking them apart, finding out how they work, and thinking up new uses for them (an early sign he was destined for his career path). He once turned a clock into a doorbell and wired it so that a doorbell rang in his bedroom when a button was pressed.

Jacob Neufeld

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