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Case Study: Custom Conveyor Design Streamlines Scrap Management for Metal Press Line

As a leading supplier and manufacturer of metal parts and materials, Samuel Metal Blanking requires fluid workflows and reliable scrap management practices. To meet the metal processing needs of customers across numerous markets, their subsidiary, Samuel Metal Blanking, relies on an integrated scrap removal system for safe and unimpeded metal press operation.

With our turnkey, proven process methodology, MC3’s custom conveyor design ensured Samuel Metal Blanking’s scrap disposal system worked safely and cohesively with their metal fabrication equipment. Through careful attention to Samuel Metal Blanking’s unique system requirements, our custom conveyor design achieved optimal effect at minimal expense.

The Challenge

Samuel Metal Blanking’s technicians were searching for the most efficient way to upgrade their high-volume press line’s scrap disposal system. Given Samuel Metal Blanking’s diverse market reach and production capabilities, they needed to accommodate an extensive range of materials and types of scrap using a single conveyor system integrated directly into their press line.

This required careful attention from MC3 technicians to ensure our solutions accounted for all possible material and scrap types while meeting unique usability requirements and cost limitations. It was also important to maximize design versatility, given the need to integrate the new scrap disposal system into existing equipment.

Because Samuel Metal Blanking required adaptable, system-wide changes, it was vital to accommodate numerous unique requests. By maintaining fast response times, we maximized the use of MC3’s and Samuel Metal Blanking’s engineering teams at every phase of our five-point Proven Process model.

Solutions From MC3

Using our Proven Process, MC3’s technicians gathered all application data. They were able to custom design a scrap conveyor system that could handle the range of diverse materials Samuel Metal Blanking works with into their press line. They also outfitted it with a brand-new control system. This solution allowed technicians to calibrate their new scrap conveyor line according to changing operational needs.

We sought the most accurate and flexible way to adapt our design to Samuel Metal Blanking’s unique processing demands. Upon customer approval and quality analysis of our 3D CAD designs, we manufactured our custom scrap conveyor system from start to finish using our comprehensive range of manufacturing capabilities, including:

  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Machining
  • Materials forming
  • Assembly
  • Finishing

Our team was also quick to respond to any requests or potential issues throughout the custom conveyor design, manufacturing, and testing phases.

The Results

By satisfying all of Samuel Metal Blanking’s unique design requirements, their press line’s new custom scrap conveyor is robust enough to handle a large variety of scrap at peak efficiency. MC3’s scrap disposal system was an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution that led to further collaborations with Samuel Metal Blanking.


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