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The MC3 magnetic chip conveyors are ideal for conveying wet or dry cast iron chips, steel slugs, scrap, and ferrous parts. We’ve perfected our chip conveyor design with a totally enclosed machine frame to protect the chain, ceramic magnets, and gear drive from contamination. The stainless steel slider bed provides a wear-resistant surface for chips and metal parts.

The magnetic conveyor is built to suit the physical requirements of your installation. It acts as an effective scrap separator by removing unwanted metal pieces from your production line and sending them to a designated discharge area. Our magnetic separation equipment uses high-energy magnets and efficient motors, which create an effective solution for your conveying needs.

We know space can be a premium resource in some production warehouses, so we offer low profile conveyor designs to maximize the floor space in your plant. Our conveyors are also available with or without coolant tanks.

Get your initial quote, and we’ll hit the ground running to develop your custom magnetic chip conveyor. Our fabricators can accommodate virtually any size. Let us know the specific purpose your conveyor needs to fulfill, and we’ll develop the right solution.

Conveyor Features and Options

  • Heavy Duty Gearmotor
  • UHMW Tracks
  • Oil Bath Lubricated
  • Regreasable Bearings
  • 11 Gauge Formed Frame
  • Fill/Drain Coupling
  • Machine Enamel Paint, “MC3 Blue” (or provide us with your color specification)