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Efficient Custom Fabrication: MC3's Solution for Ecoclean's Design Dilemma

SBS Ecoclean, a leading developer and marketer of water-based surface treatments and industrial cleaning products, services, and systems, serves businesses in a variety of industries, including medical, optical, and aircraft. 

When SBS Ecoclean faced a unique design challenge, they turned to MC3 for our custom fabrication services. Our team of experts worked closely with SBS Ecoclean to develop a custom solution that met their specific needs. The result was a product manufactured to meet the highest standards while adhering to strict production timelines and cost constraints.

The Challenge

Ecoclean faced certain challenging time and design constraints that they couldn’t accommodate using their in-house resources. Ecoclean was seeking a partner to assist with completing the design and manufacturing of parts washers for them by their deadline.

Ecoclean became aware of MC3’s custom fabrication and design services through referral who had worked with us. Upon their recommendation, we partnered with Ecoclean to develop and manufacture custom part washers for them.

The Solution

To resolve Ecoclean’s issue, MC3 provided custom fabrication services. We established a collaborative partnership and achieved effective resource utilization through specialized enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, enhancing the translation of the design into a fully operational system with greater efficiency.

Our Proven Process

In an effort to provide Ecoclean with the best results, we employed our proven process that backs all of our services and solutions. This process involves the following four main steps to achieve success, including:

  1. Quoting and Sales: We work closely with each customer to learn about their challenges, design a potential solution, and provide an accurate quote for our services.
  2. Design: MC3 Manufacturing then takes an effective design approach that consists of multiple gated stages, from initial design to customer approval and final review.
  3. Manufacturing: Following the design stage, we begin manufacturing the appropriate solution. In Ecoclean’s case, we started producing part washers to the customer’s strict specifications.
  4. Testing and Delivery: To ensure the final product is of the desired quality, we conduct final testing before delivering the product to the customer.

We were able to complete this process in time to meet Ecoclean’s time constraints.

The Results

The culmination of this project resulted in multiple benefits that met Ecoclean’s needs. We accomplished the desired design within a short time frame, providing the customer with high-quality part washers that adhered to their budget constraints.

Because the client was so satisfied with our results, we established a close working relationship with the client. 

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