Every industry has its own unique set of challenges. That is why MC3 Manufacturing is dedicated to creating solutions to those challenges. Our in-house engineering team optimizes your custom conveyors for fit, performance, longevity, and cost savings. 

Our team has over 20 years of experience serving industries across North America. So, whether your company is in the Automotive, Metal Stamping, Food, or Packaging industry, MC3 Manufacturing has you covered!


Automotive Manufacturing

We ensure your facility is supplied with the necessary components to avoid downtime. We know how to maintain the geometry on stamped body parts until they arrive on the line and get attached. Our conveyors reliably move heavy components like blocks and transmissions. Our technology moves your products smoothly down the line while efficiently removing scrap.


MC3 is all about automating parts delivery and keeping your operations running smoothly. Whether providing needed components when and how operators need them or moving assemblies to automated work cells, we have the equipment you need. Our conveyors offer precise positioning for robotic welders or other crucial applications.


Machining operations with costly equipment can generate incredible amounts of scrap, waste, and dust. Of course, we can move materials where you need them. But, perhaps, more importantly, we have the systems to maintain coolants and remove waste from work areas. Over time, automated maintenance can pay for itself many times over, keeping work areas safer and preventing expensive equipment failures.

Forging and Stamping

Forging and stamping operations don’t just deal with large, heavy materials, but also generate a lot of heat. Our systems can move those pieces where you need them, even if you can’t touch them. Our systems can support large, stamped parts until they cool and help provide even cooling.


Our conveyors can help with the endless task of sorting recycling materials. Incoming waste can be routed to sorting areas. Magnetic belts can pull out ferrous pieces. Belt conveyors can be used for gravity separation.

Food and Beverage

MC3’s conveyor systems can help separate good from bad produce and efficiently move product to where it needs to go down the line. Whatever the process, our conveyors can carry foodstuffs and containers through every stage, right up to boxing. This minimizes hands-on time and maximizes productivity.


Our conveyors can collect, sort, and even organize products for packaging and shipping.

Warehouse and Logistics

Use our conveyor systems to minimize handling hazards in your warehouses. We provide a variety of solutions to intralogistics providers.