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Case Study: MC3 Successfully Rescues Delayed Mezzanine Fabrication Project in Automated Warehouse

At MC3, our strong organizational capabilities and capacity allow us to deliver high-quality custom fabrication projects with short lead times. We prioritize building valuable relationships with our partners to gain a deep understanding of their needs, allowing us to go beyond the contractual obligations of each project and deliver exceptional products. 

Our team offers custom fabrication services for everything from single-component manufacturing to complex machinery components, turning drawings and designs into successful final products.

The Challenge

An automated warehouse company contacted MC3 with the challenge of custom fabricating mezzanines for their 70,000-square-foot facility. The company needed to offset time delays that occurred after falling behind and was searching for a custom fabricator to partner with to complete the project on a tight schedule. The partner would need to make up for lost time and deliver fabricated mezzanine components to ensure the project’s completion as scheduled.

The Solution

MC3’s shop structure and custom fabrication equipment allowed us to accommodate the client’s requirements, fabricating large mezzanine structural components in-house for the automated warehouse conveyor systems project. We provided an efficient installation solution for the company’s mezzanine project by welding laser-cut ID tags to each component to simplify identification and assembly.

Our team completed each fabrication process in-house, starting with raw material selection and finishing with powder coating and delivery. We expedited the delivery of the parts to the company by coordinating with our in-house trucking and shipping team to ensure the company’s mezzanine components arrived in time for installation on-site.


MC3 was able to complete the company’s urgent warehouse conveyor automation project with our in-house custom fabrication capabilities. Throughout the project, our team was able to simplify the identification and installation of the components using welded ID tags for each part. We maintained high quality control standards throughout each in-house fabrication step and met the company’s strict delivery schedule with our in-house delivery services.

MC3’s expedited shipping services and communication with our shipping team ensured that the automated warehouse company received the parts required for installation within their project’s deadline. Our performance-driven company culture was a key contributing factor in the successful delivery of this project. The company has since become a return client, collaborating with our team for subsequent solutions.

You can depend on MC3 for solutions with our custom approach, high quality standards, and ability to meet the tightest deadlines with a collaborative development process and in-house custom fabrication capabilities.

Contact us or request a quote to speak to a team member about your custom automated conveying system requirements and begin your consultation.

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