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Abe Fehr

"I'm surrounded by amazing people who enjoy working together as a team, and I enjoy seeing quality products being built."

Abe Fehr


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Abe specializes in fitting and welding, assembly and problem solving at MC3. Abe’s work ethic has made him a valued team member at MC3: he believes in showing up on time and taking his work seriously. It’s this same work ethic that helped propel him from an entry level position as a welder to his current supervisory role.

Abe started working at MC3 because it was the best job offer he received. 15 years later, he is still with MC3 because he loves the people and the workplace culture.


A family man and outdoors person, Abe enjoys spending time with family, working on his own small equipment projects, and fishing and camping.


During a family driving trip to Mexico, Abe inadvertently discovered how to avoid a detailed border customs inspection. Abe and his wife had purchased a gallon of chocolate milk for their five kids. As kids often do, they spilled the milk in the van. The intense heat of Mexico and the challenge of cleaning the van while on the road combined to create a rather nasty smell that intensified during the trip. By the time they got to the border, the customs agent took one whiff of their van, looked disgusted and waved them through. No further questions asked!

Abe Fehr

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MC3 operates our own trucks. Free shipping to Michigan, Ohio, & Illinois, for orders that exceeds $2,000.

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