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Custom Fabrication & Design Puts Two Companies Back On Track

August 31, 2023

At MC3 Manufacturing, we know every industry has unique challenges. That’s why we’re dedicated to developing the most innovative solutions for our clients to position them as leaders in their market. It’s the goal we aim for in every project we work on, from custom conveyor design to full-system fabrication. For Samuel Metal Blanking and Ecoclean, respectively, that’s exactly what we did.

The core of our collaborative approach to custom conveyor technology hinges on two essential services:

  • Custom conveyor design: Conforms to our client’s exact specifications and facility capacities, including product and workflow requirements.
  • In-house conveyor fabrication: Optimized for the ideal fit and cost savings. We achieve this with easily scaled manufacturing techniques that emphasize quality, performance, and longevity.

These are just two examples of how we apply our capabilities, honed over 20 years of serving the custom conveyor needs of various sectors throughout North America. The food and beverage, metal stamping, packaging, automotive, and other essential industries have come to trust the MC3 Manufacturing name, and here are just two examples demonstrating why.



SBS EcoClean develops and markets industrial cleaning technologies and services that use water-based surface treatments and other specialized products. Their customer base includes automotive and industrial supply companies, such as medical and optical technology providers and aircraft manufacturers.

Challenging Time & Design Constraints

EcoClean reached out for assistance completing a custom fabrication under tight schedule constraints. They also required assistance manufacturing system components, such as part washers, and efficiently assembling them under deadline.

Seeking MC3 Custom Fabrication Services

Through a close working relationship, we discovered the most suitable ways to apply application-critical resources. One key to success was our custom fabrication division’s expert use of ERP software, which more efficiently translated the unique design into a fully functioning system.

The Results

Together, we produced a high-quality product within a tight timeframe while consistently maintaining tight cost controls throughout the process. The design and fabrication quality, fast turnaround, and value to the customer resulted in a close working relationship between EcoClean and MC3 Manufacturing. It’s an especially valuable and enduring relationship, considering EcoClean’s need for more unique systems than our competitors are capable of producing.


Samuel Metal Blanking

Samuel Metal Blanking serves a highly varied market, including industrial product developers with dedicated manufacturing divisions that run parallel to their clients’ business teams. To maintain its role as a strategic supplier, Samuel Metal Blanking meets high expectations for value-adding custom solutions by maintaining consistent access to a full range of metal processing and fabrication resources.

When they came to MC3, they expressed a need to manage quality, volume, delivery, and expenses without compromise, and our engineers were happy to oblige.

Out With the Old and In With The New

Samuel Metal Blanking’s team was searching for a way to replace an aging scrap handling system inside a high-volume press line. They requested assistance in determining which methods would be both more cost-effective and efficient. Naturally, their system-wide focus resulted in many unique requests, which our representatives handled by prioritizing consistently fast response time and close collaboration.

The Results

By closely attending to each design detail that arose, the joint MC3 and Samuel Metal Blanking design team settled on a highly robust and modernized scrap conveyor system. It was more user-friendly and suitable for a unique range of scrap types and processing requirements, which expanded Samuel’s capabilities and enhanced their workflows.

Our joint efforts revealed several other opportunities for future collaboration, bolstered in large part by our ability to simultaneously reduce design costs and help Samuel Metal Blanking achieve easier, worry-free operation.


Choose MC3 for Your Custom Conveyor and Fabrication Needs

MC3 Manufacturing is proud to play a role in our partners’ ongoing success. By focusing on the fundamentals common to all industries, we’re able to consistently refine our clients’ custom conveyor systems and fabrications. If you have questions about your custom conveyor design and/or fabrication needs, don’t hesitate to contact us, or request a quote from our experienced representatives.

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