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About Magnetic Conveyors

September 1, 2022

Magnetic conveyors transfer ferromagnetic goods from one location on a production line to another with the help of a magnetic field. These conveyors are highly customizable, and we at MC3 Manufacturing Inc. can manufacture a magnetic conveyor to fulfill your specific needs and unique physical requirements. Learn more about how magnets work within these conveyors, the conveyor features and options we offer, and our design and custom fabrication solutions to support your operation.

How Magnetic Conveyors Work

These conveyors capitalize on the magnetic properties of ferrous materials exclusively for product movement. The equipment uses permanent magnets or electromagnets that are strategically and uniformly spaced along the conveyor. Once the magnets receive power, the magnetic goods on the conveyor experience a clamping force from the magnetic attraction that affixes them to the conveyor.

Given the power of that attraction, products are able to defy gravitational force, meaning that these conveyors can effectively move large or small items down the line regardless of whether the conveyor has a horizontal, vertical, inclined, or turning configuration. Magnetic conveyors can even hold products when the conveyor is functioning upside down. Operators can also alter the magnetic strength to best fit their needs and the weight of the products on the conveyor.

Prevalent varieties of magnetic conveyors include magnetic belt conveyors, beltless magnetic conveyors, and magnetic separators, with the beltless type being particularly common. The versatility that magnetic conveyors offer in an operation lends them to applications in a variety of industries, such as automotive, manufacturing, and recycling. They have applications in production processes like material or parts handling, machining, stamping, or sawing, as well. 

When custom-engineering a magnetic conveyor, some important considerations for selecting the proper features include your application’s needed load capacity, the distance the conveyor will need to cover, the desired speed, the necessary magnet strength, and any other specific concerns for production.

Features & Options 

At MC3, our magnetic conveyors are available with a myriad of features, including:

  • Enclosed frame to provide protection for magnets, sprockets, and chains
  • Compact frame height for a low profile that optimizes floor space
  • Ceramic 5 magnets for excellent holding strength
  • Oil-filled Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) tracks 
  • Spring-loaded take-up 
  • Submersible construction

Some of the optional features we offer for greater customization opportunities include:

  • Ceramic 8 magnets for superior magnetic strength
  • Neodymium magnets, a type of rare earth magnet
  • Manganese and rigidized slider beds
  • Integrated coolant tanks
  • Filtration and pumps

Magnetic Conveyors With MC3 

At MC3, our skilled metal fabricators will work with you to custom-build magnetic conveyors that meet your exacting requirements for space, load, and magnetic strength, all based on your specific application. The MC3 Chipmaster™ magnetic chip conveyor can effectively transfer cast iron chips that are wet or dry, steel slugs, and other ferrous components. The slider bed is composed of stainless steel to allow for a conveyor surface that is resistant to abrasion when used with metal parts or chips, and it can also efficiently handle tiny particles of sludge or small fasteners.

Our magnetic conveyors can function as scrap separators as well, taking superfluous metal components off the line and relocating them to a specific discharge area. We utilize high-energy magnets and motors of superior operational efficiency in MC3 magnetic separation equipment to best meet your conveying needs.

Partner With MC3 Manufacturing

Magnetic conveyors can be an integral component in your production line, ensuring a steady and efficient flow of materials and products through operations. As a leader in the Canadian market for customized conveyor systems and metal fabrication services, our versatile magnetic conveyors, custom hopper conveyors and other conveyor systems,  are backed by over two decades of experience in design and engineering. We construct them to handle virtually any type of ferrous material or component, and tailor the physical dimensions to your existing infrastructure. The MC3 team emphasizes value, quality, and innovation when creating our products and services, with a focus on competitive pricing, on-time delivery, and waste elimination to best serve you.

Whether you need a magnetic conveyor for light-duty jobs or heavy workloads, contact us for more information on how our equipment boosts production efficiency, or request a quote today to partner with us on your project.

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