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Platforms and Conveyor Systems for Warehousing & Fulfillment Industry

December 6, 2022

MC3 Manufacturing Inc. is a Tier 2 supplier that has extensive experience building and manufacturing platforms and conveyor systems to suit our customers’ needs. We build your conveyor system to your drawing and specifications to maximize efficiencies throughout your warehouse, fulfillment or distribution center. Every conveyor system is thoroughly tested to guarantee low maintenance and long service life. MC3 Manufacturing experts build and integrate our leading automated conveyor systems to streamline your process by moving items accurately and efficiently through the warehouse, provide ergonomic accommodations, reduce manpower and increase workflow. Our goal is to help you to exceed your customer’s expectations!

Warehousing & Logistics Conveying Solutions

Our Conveyors

At MC3 Manufacturing, we’re a customer-oriented, cost-effective conveyor manufacturer that uses automated systems to ensure flawless operation. Our experts integrate secondary components like gates, bends, and turntables to deliver a client-specific system capable of moving, redirecting, and stopping products in the production line. 

MC3 builds a variety of high-end conveyor systems, including:

  • Individual package conveyors
  • Transport conveyors
  • Metering conveyors
  • MDR conveyors
  • Line shaft conveyors
  • Pallet Type conveyors (i.e. roller, CDLR, turntables, lift and transfers, chain strand conveyors)

Some of the components our conveyor systems feature include:

  • Adjustable support legs
  • Straight or curved configurations
  • Pneumatic stops 
  • Pop-up transfers
  • Slip sleeves

Platforms & Mezzanines

Our platforms and mezzanines are engineered by our customers and manufactured to their exact specifications by our MC3 team with high-quality materials that are easy to install and help optimize our clients’ warehouse footprints. All our products are backed by guarantees for product quality. 

MC3 is the industry leader in platforms and mezzanines and has produced close to 500,000 sq. ft of platforms for fulfillment facilities. Our products include:

  • Platforms
  • Ladders
  • Mezzanines
  • Cross-overs
  • Stairs
  • Hand Railing

We’re the go-to company for all your warehouse conveying, platform and mezzanine needs, and we always stick to your budget and deliver our projects on time. 

How We Operate

Our experts work off client-provided specifications to produce warehouse conveyor systems that help you achieve quality, efficiency and throughput goals now and in the future. Below are some of the values we uphold in our manufacturing processes: 

We Offer the Best Conveyors on the Market

The success and reliability of your conveyor system depend on high-quality fabrication. MC3 Manufacturing is proud to offer the highest quality conveyors on the market for a reasonable price. We prioritize quality in everything we do and surpass complex customer requirements.

We Provide Superior Customer Service

At MC3 Manufacturing, one of our top priorities is superior customer service. We continually strive to provide excellent customer service to earn and maintain long-term business relationships with our clients. Our dedicated, reliable, and professional team takes pride in the solutions we offer and this shows in every project.

We Are Customer-oriented

We are experts when it comes to finding solutions which meet our customers’ specific needs. Whether you need a simple custom cut or a complete conveyor picking system, MC3 Manufacturing is your go-to fabrication shop.  We have all the necessary customization tools and technology to get the job done. 

Qualified Staff

We strive to make our fabrication services and processes as efficient and transparent as possible. Our qualified sales engineers handle all product inquiries and quotations and create a customized list to suit your specifications. Once we start your project, all aspects of your solution can be tracked, assessed, and adjusted as needed in the production timeline.

State-of-the-art Equipment

With our expert team, state-of-art equipment and technologies and decades of experience, we’re the one-stop-shop to meet all your warehouse conveyor system needs. We are equipped with a CNC machining center, 175-ton CNC press brake, and a 4000-watt laser cutting system. We specialize in steel, stainless steel and mild steel fabrication.

Engineering Services

We take pride in a job well done. Our dedicated team of engineers works with the most popular CAD/CAM engineering software, including:

  • Solid Works®, AutoCAD®
  • SigmaTec
  • Kinetic ERP®
  • Edge Cam Machining Software®
  • And more

MC3 Manufacturing: Warehousing and Logistics Conveying Solutions You Can Trust

To learn more about our conveyor and platform solutions, get in touch with our engineers and request your quote.

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