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Chip Conveyors for CNC Machining

February 14, 2023

Machining operations can produce incredible amounts of chips, waste, and dust. For that reason, manufacturing processes require some type of bulk metal collection system to remove metal chips or other waste generated during production. Chip conveyors remove the chips produced by the cutting tool in CNC machining operations. 

MC3 Manufacturing offers a full range of standard and customizable light-duty to heavy-duty chip conveyor systems that are durable and reliable. Designed for optimal efficiency and cleanliness, they provide space savings within a facility and minimize downtime. 

What is a CNC Chip Conveyor?

A chip conveyor automatically removes shavings produced during machining and manufacturing operations. Used in conjunction with metal shaping equipment like CNC lathes and mills,  they convey chips and to a designated bin.

Primarily used in industrial settings, chip conveyors are designed to handle wet or dry waste, as many of the processes that create the waste use water or other liquids as lubricants. In combination with filtration systems, chip conveyors help remove various particulate matter from fluids. 

Benefits of Chip Conveyors

Because chip conveyors carry waste away from a work area, they are beneficial for a number of reasons, including:

  • Removing waste (chips) from production process in a safe and efficient manner
  • Highly customizable and flexible to fit any machining operation
  • Keeping industrial facilities clean, safe, and efficient for workers

In addition to the conveyor configuration, at MC3, we can complement it with a filtration unit that efficiently removes chips from the coolant system. The system discharges chips at industrial-barrel height or through a built-to-suit discharge hopper. Our automatic systems increase effort efficiency and are easily activated via the control pendant, fixed control station, or CNC machine. Users can customize their settings to control the duration and interval of operation.

Which CNC Chip Conveyor Is Right for My Operation?

When choosing a chip conveyor, there are several factors to consider, with one of the most important factors being the type of chips being conveyed. For example, if the chips being conveyed are medium- to heavy-weight, stringy, or abrasive, a hinged steel belt conveyor is ideal. When processing fine chips and coolant, a dragout conveyor is preferable. Magnetic conveyors are best suited to applications involving fine and small chips. Additionally, the conveyor’s size and layout should be chosen based on the space available and the specific needs of the application. It is important to consult with MC3 to determine the best option for your specific needs.

CNC Chip Conveyors and CNC Machine Equipment

Chip conveyor systems are very common components of CNC machining equipment either as part of the machine or as an accessory. The main function is to remove the metal waste from the machining area. 

Common types of CNC chip conveyors include:

Hinged Belt Conveyors

Hinged belt conveyors are suitable for processing light through heavy volume chips. Metal chips are discharged through an enclosed chute and into a storage bin at the discharge end of the conveyor. Capable of filtering coolant discharged by the machine tool, hinged belt conveyors are the most popular variety of chip conveyor.

Magnetic Chip Conveyors

Material is moved using an internal chain of permanent magnets that rotates and uses magnetic force to attract chips. Fully enclosed systems protect the magnets, chain, and gear drive from contamination.  These conveyors can handle small to large amounts of fluid, and can be completely submerged in coolant tanks, when necessary, if paired with a filtration or oil skimming system.

Drag-out Conveyors

A drag-out conveyor removes tiny chips from machining operations, including filtering fine chips from coolants. The bottom of the conveyor can be designed to be abrasion-resistant for Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) Machining , so the equipment remains in good condition even when handling abrasive particles. This conveyor system removes impurities from coolant, depositing them in the discharge bin while delivering the filtered coolant to its intended destination. Depending on the desired degree of filtration, MC3 can create various versions of dragout conveyors to suit your application, including our Filtermaster drum-dragout conveyors which feature a fine filtrating mesh.

What to Look for in CNC Chip Conveyors

Selecting the right conveyor system is dependent on the size and type of chips that will be conveyed and the type and amount of coolant to be processed. As such, it is critical to communicate those parameters to your conveyor system manufacturer.

There are numerous filtering chip conveyors available, so it is important to consider what functions are important to your application. Some CNC chip conveyors use exchangeable filter media, while others have permanently installed, self-cleaning filtering drums made from stainless steel or other materials. Perforated box filters and scraper systems are other features that can be included based on your needs. 

CNC Chip Conveyors from MC3 Manufacturing

Because maintenance downtime and loss of production can be expensive, choose a reliable CNC chip conveyor system. MC3 Manufacturing has expertly manufactured chip conveyor systems that eliminate waste and maintain coolant integrity for over 20 years. Clean coolant increases tool life and improves part quality and tolerance. Our conveyor systems are designed with ease of use in mind, equipped with human-machine interfaces (HMI) for efficient monitoring.

Our chip conveyors are built to last and minimize downtime. They are equipped with HMI screens to simplify interaction with the system and are designed with the following capabilities:

  • Compress and remove chips
  • Can be reversed to clear a jam
  • Discharge at either a standard industrial barrel height or a built-to-suit hopper

Contact us to learn more about our products. We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing adaptable conveyor systems that are cost-effective and built with optimal efficiency, cleanliness, and space savings in mind.   

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